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Teeth Whitening in Woodbridge

We Offer Woodbridge Teeth Whitening for a Bright Smile

Vellore Corners Dentistry offers a variety of services to our valued patients in Woodbridge. These include state of the art teeth whitening. We tell our patients that even some of the foods that are good for you like blueberries can stain your teeth. There are a variety of ways your molars can become discolored. The culprits even include that morning cup of coffee.

Even a process as natural as aging can change the complexion of your pearly whites over time. The solution in each of these scenarios is the tooth whitening services we offer.

The process starts the minute you walk into our friendly comfortable office. You will be greeted with a smile and a magazine. It’s important to us that you feel at home and comfortable.

Our office bleaching solution requires one visit to make a noticeable difference. Finding out about the LUMIBRIGHT option we offer is as easy as asking. We are always available to answer any questions you have about our Woodbridge teeth whitening procedures.

Vaughan Teeth Whitening That Makes A Difference

Making sure that each and every one of our patients is completely satisfied is a number one priority. Of course, that includes Vaughan Teeth Whitening. This process is carefully designed to cover cracks and discolorations, chips and even more severely damaged teeth.

Using our Vaughan teeth whitening processes not only makes your smile brighter, it boosts your confidence level. We get a lot of positive feedback from our Vaughan clients about this service.

As good as this cosmetic dentistry option is, it doesn’t last forever. Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our dental practice. That’s why we tell our patients they’ll need to come in for repeat visits to keep their smile bright. However, there’s no doubt this Vaughan teeth whitening procedure makes a difference for everyone. We have the testimonials to prove it.

Here’s a quick overview of how our chairside bleaching process works. You can use anti-sensitivity toothpaste on your gums as a first step before you arrive. After that, we’ll use a specially formulated safe gel on your teeth.

Almost immediately, you’ll notice the difference in your smile. Perhaps best of all is the fact the whole process is completely safe. None of the chemicals used in our Vaughan teeth whitening procedure will hurt your enamel. We will be happy to walk you through the entire process.

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9311 Weston Road, Suite #5
Woodbridge, ON L4H 3G8